Stories and Books


Stories are how we make sense of the world, of who we are and where we are going. They help us imagine a future we cannot yet see, and are powerful catalysts for change. Fairytales and myths connect us with the emotional and intuitive parts of our brain, lifting us out of the familiar and opening up new perspectives.

We were all children once; and metaphorically, emotionally, psychologically, and often unconsciously, we still have that child dwelling within us. Most adults are quite unaware of this, and this lack of conscious relatedness to our own inner child is where so many behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties find their origins.

Stories are a great way of connecting with that inner child, to sparking your intuition and your inner, hidden wisdom. 

For this purpose - and for the sheer joy of it - I write books that look like children's books but are actually transformational tool.  I hope they will help you communicate with yourself on a different level, and perhaps regain some of that inner wisdom, while enjoying yourself – as children do.

The Shy Blog


Life is full of mysteries, wonder and so many questions one might not even know to ask. 

I am perpetually fascinated by how we are all uniquely different and at the same time not that different at all. How we can recognize ourselves in others, and still have our own unique style, talent, and mission.  

I truly believe that when we live through our own agency, everyone benefits. But how will you find the life that is defined by you, your aspirations, your inner voice, your beliefs and values? Your universe. 
And how will you find the courage to go searching for what is yours, and then to live it by your own standards? 

Reflections on these endless topics (at least for me) are what you will find on my blog.

In Norway (where I come from), the word for shy (sjenert) actually comes from the meaning "close to the soul" (sjele nært). We are often shy about the things that are close to our soul, things that mean a lot to us, that could tell a lot about us. These are the things I write about at my blog - and hence, why my blog is called The Shy Blog.


Coaching and Inspiration


My philosophy is that there is not ONE philosophy, there is not ONE method. We all have our unique methods and my mission is to help guide you to find yours, not to copy mine or anyone else's.

All of us are on transformational journeys, both large and small. In our everyday life, or through lifechanging periods. Life is a transition in which we both discover and become full expressions of ourselves, finding and revealing our full potential. It is a process of returning home to the self, to our core essence. 


I have a masters degree in coaching and 15 years of experience teaching and coaching individuals and teams. 


It makes me so happy to help people find those things that make their hearts sing and light up with passion, and follow their truths. Would love to help you do the same!



Cathrine L Wilhelmsen